Saturday, August 27, 2005


Things are changing or so are the perceptions in the pplz mind
Is it because of us or is it because of them is a debatable point .

We the students (read males) studying at the most sought after colleges in India (read IIT ) are facing a kind of social abandonment from our peers in other colleges. On one hand these ppl yearn to be among us and on the other hand they would do anything to keep us out of their social circles time and again this belief of mine has gained ground not because nething personal to me but what I see happening to many of my mates (my skin is too thick to be perturbed by these incidents).

I think the crux of the matter lies in the fact that IIT's lack the atmosphere where ppl can indulge in diverse social contact that they may have to face when they go out of the campus
And among many reasons the most prominent would be that the social atmosphere in IIT's is totally different then the one found in other colleges and therefore I think that we iitians should be aware of these facts when we go outside and interact with ppl. As I always say

"So what, so I've got a smile on
But it's hiding the quiet superstitions in my head"

ps: plz whoever is reading this if u r an iitian stop sending random messages and chat invitations to ppl on the net


romantic by twilight said...

this is surprising! may be it should be... i'm doing my first year B Tech!

Amiya said...

With your wi-fi & all, you guys are spending too much time online - that's what :)

Kidding. Anyways, I'm not the right person to tell anyone to cut down on their net-surf time since I'm hooked to it myself.

deartrop said...

while on the one hand you have a certain fear of being ignored by your peers in the lesser colleges..on the other you do not want to correct it(genuflection was never on the list sire) and ask other iitians to follow suit..surely there are nicer ,warmer ways to make friends than that :)

crackfire said...

thanx sriram

Akhil Gupta said...

i know wat u mean...its just that we live amongst ppl who r different from others, and amongst themselves they share some common the world outside, there ARE such ppl...but, too few...the kinda ppl u ll find 9/10 inside iit...u ll find 1/100 outside...

wat kinda ppl am i talking about?

these are the ppl, with whom u can TALK !
they do, what they do, bcos they hav reasoned it out...and not bcos everybody else is njoing...example: they wont goto a mall, bcos its 'supposed' to be fun...if they ll go there, they ll there bcos it IS fun...

it is really common to all of us...that when we look arnd(when in iit), we find that we r having so much fun...then we think 'how can it be, we must be missing smthg' then we hav another look and quickly realise the missing element - the fairer sex!

then we go on for hunt for to experience that kinda fun too...and miserably fail!


bcos, of murphy's law ofcourse:

"beauty X brains X availability = constant"

and this constant is zero(atleast more often than not)!

i personally feel, that normally guys hav to compromise on the second or the first element...

note that WE guys dont WANT to compromise on first
and we CANNOT compromise on the second...
so automatically, for such a search, the result is ZERO !

but, its ok! Nevermind!

Akhil Gupta said...

btw i d like to mention, that if we meet guys/gals outside iit,with whom we can connect, we are so much delighted at that...its difficult to explain!
(Atlas shrugged kinda thing)

tell u that, its not just gals outside who r blondes...guys too are there!

but, then there r ofcourse exceptions!
(i can see one right here, a couple of comments above :D)