Friday, August 05, 2005

An that's the way a cookie crumbles

Alas blogger let's me post(after tryin for an hour thankyou very much)

it's been a while and it's really has been a roller coaster ride this past week
Monday started as usual full of energy from the recharged batteries of the last weekend
but on Wednesday lightning struck and I was down with a severe cold couldn't do much on Thursday but fought back and got my bearings right on Friday n here I am posting again.

this time I think I am gonna right something a lil light far all u readers(yea I have delusions)
ever heard the line

by the time I recognize this moment this moment will be gone but I'll bend the light and pretend that it some how lingered on oooh oooh !!

haven't welcome to the veritable world of crackfire's music these lines are the work of a true genius named John Mayer written at the a moment of pure clarity .They tell u that the relentless march of time goes own and there are moments that one wants to hold to forever
We encase these moments in the tiny bubbles in the endless sea of our memory and make them rise like white froth when we want to relive theem .
As an F -16 enthusiast said:

if time flies when u are having fun then it hits after burners when u don't think u are having enough

On to the present and

these days the karma's right
the sun shines bright
these days I don't think twice
I walk on light
I am positively somewhere.

yea positive thinking is the sure way to happiness .A positive attitude may not solve all ur problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth an effort


Sujata said...

Relentless march of time....Time waits for nobody..:)