Saturday, October 30, 2004

Here i am

It's been quite eventual here last few days have been movie marathons with all the guys watching non stop movies as soon as they get back from the class i am trying to study a lil but the mood around u gets to u and u end up watching a movie ur self

last night we watched underworld it was really good movie since i tend to like fictional movies alot
Me and my friends finished making the presentation for our technical report

the times have changed but wat has not changed is the fact that i still don't have any girl to go out with
may be someday my turn will come as well

any of u viewing this blog feel free to give me 101 ways to get a girl

except that life's been really good to me n i have nothin to complain bout it

here's the best site for looking up avril lavigne

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Alas the T S is over :-)

yea as the biggest ass hole sriram has decided to stay anonymous while impersonating gaouri in his last post and playing spoil sport in the electronics i just can't fathom wat kinda man can't copy a 10 line ans (so wat if it is of 10 marks) well i say don't right a blog when ur angry on some one i'll not write nee thing more bout the paper n give ne lime light to the utter stupidities of sriram

well i returned to campus on 22 october the dushera day well it has been two years in a roiw that i have seen the ravan effigy being erected n then at the time of burning it i am here in campus n sulking ,this time i was in campus n studying sraight of coz we had the ts on monday n tuesday all papers went fine except electronics all thanks to sriram.

well i enjoyed my hols alot n diwali is comig in a few days so i go back to home again in a fornight

crackfire over n out

Friday, October 15, 2004

aha 2 posts in day

it's relly feels great today as a certain some one has replied well all said n done i wanted this chapter of my life over n done with coz it had plauged my mind for some time now as it was like a story unfinished n it's ended now or atleast a new chapter has begun . well i have been thinking wat would have happened if things didn't go the way they did well i had say all's well that ends well.i haven't got ne hard feelings 4 neone n i hope no one has ne for me as they say

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future

By the way right after the hols we have the second sessionals coming up n oh the course in electronics a bitch but i have taimed lions before so this bitch gonna have a day on 25 oct .



as they say in india most stories love stories start at bus stops so did this but it wasn't quite like the bus stop that ppl are so used too this one was different coz it was my school bus stop n the girl in question n me shared the same one but she was from a different school that as much info as m gonna give .

well as usual the boy in question that is me didn't even go upto her n talk coz he was so so so shy n he hates himself for that but like the other two she too came n went by.
that's all the crushes that i have had in my life (barring a lil one on avril lavigne)
from next post the ramblings continue

Misunderstandings galore??

this is for the one who didn't understand what I have been writing about so leme clear the air a lil . The first crush ie the dancing wonder is not the same girl as beauty with the brains. Probably the post went a lil more cryptic then wat some of us can comprehend nevertheless crackfire has come for the rescue
neways things have changed drastically from the year of 2000 n ppl oughta understand that crackfire ain't nomore wat he used to be as they all say time is the best judge of ppl's character as i see today the ppl who loathed me in my high school i can't help myself chuckling a lil
that's all m gonna say of the days gone by in the school things have moved on n so have i

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

back to home :-)

alas i am going back to home (yippy)

it's been a long time coming but m goin home to home for a week as told in the last post the crushes that i have had in my life will continue as the theme for this letter also



she too was in my high school as the dancing las but she joined the school in 7th grade if my memory serves me correctly well it wasn't nething like u fall for a girl at first sight it's more kinda that she grew on me we made a model together n i had expecyed things to take off from there butas always life isn't bout things that u think will happen they may not turn out the way that u want them to turn out and that what happened on this occasion
ne how she was the only one to whom i tried to ask out but she never did answer n i took it as a no .wat she really thought bout me may never be revealed to me coz i haven't seen her since my high school days.

that's bout her n now back to the present .
as for as daily life goes at campus it's been really great here for the past few days

Sunday, October 10, 2004


well here it goes
yesterday as told was quite a good day
today has started well too and i can't tell u howit'll end coz m right in the middle of it
i have asked sriram to make his blog so preety soon u are gonna see a link to ANOTHER blog here

as already told m goin home in a few dayz n i won't be able to update for bout 8 days
well here is the story of some of the crushes that i have had in my life



i was just in my junior high when this happened my cousin told me bout this girl in his class n i sdaid k let's see her
n then walla crush at first sight if i may say
this one lasted for quite a time u can say aroud 6 or 7 years but as usual i didn't have the courage to go upto her n come to think of it i was too young to even think of it
I think thoe were the best days in my school life with nothing to worry bout n all sort of things to dream about
i'll tell u bout the adventures of crackfire in the next post n then we'll move on to the next crush

cya all

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

gotta rush babe :-)


gotta rush here haven't been able to update coz of fucked up network n hectic shedule
k here's an update on the things that had to be done as told in previous post

technical report is almost complete
project work has been started

today was strangely quite a good day here i belted the practical in the lab n may be even taught the R S 's a thing or too

as far as other things go m gonna go to my home in bout ten days time n have a blast

ne ways i think i'll update again tommorow