Sunday, November 04, 2007

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It was the sixth time I had watched Notting Hill and though hang on this is a nice idea for a post after all I am your regular sarcastic and hopelessly romantic chump. So here is the post where I list some of the scenes from the movie with comments from yours truly and I do this at the danger of being called the guy who wouldn’t let you watch the movie with his galling comments but such are the travails associated with being a blog writer:P.

Scene 1

William - Would you like something to eat? Something to nibble? Apricots, soaked in honey? Quite why, no one knows, because it stops them tasting like apricots and makes them taste like honey... and if you wanted honey, you could just... buy honey. Instead of apricots. But nevertheless they're yours if you want them.

I would say that was rather funny than say

The Guy at Barista – What coffee would you like sir?

Me – Ahh hmmm (Looks at the menu for what seems like an eternity), how about that one over there second row fourth column just below the espresso.

The Guy at Barista – Sir that’s a black coffee, are you sure about it?

Me – Oh no no I would like a cappuccino than.

The Guy at Barista – Very well sir, do you mind Sir, the Lady [1] here has been staring at you for a rather long time.

Me - What Lady?

The Lady - You know I have been standing here and watching you order a coffee for like 8 mins now.

Me – It’s been that long.

The Lady – Yeah!

Me – Smiles like Hugh Grant and shrugs.

Scene 2

William – The film’s great, I was just wondering whether you ever thought of having more horses in it?

Anna – Well, we would have liked to but it was difficult, obviously being set in space.

William – Space right yeah obviously very difficult.

(Interruption by her manager on talking about Anna’s next movie)

William – Any horses in that one or hounds for that matter, our readers are intrigued equally by both species.

Anna – It takes place on a Submarine.

No comments there I have never been hustled into interviewing a celebrity (just don’t see it happening), but what I do have for you is a totally awkward situation.

Her – Do you have a girlfriend?

Me - No.

Me - Do you have a boyfriend.

Her – No.

Me – Ever had one? (Of course you daft headed prick, just look at her does she look like she wouldn’t have had a boyfriend, (God you are such a kid))

Her – Yea, I think I have told you about my ex

(Then she goes on about how they broke up and are still in touch blah blah blah)

Me – So you guys are on a break right now?

Her – Yeah, it’s more like a permanent kind of thing.

Me – Oh so this is like a irremovable discontinuity in you love graph. (Seriously what is wrong with you!)

Her – A what?

(A lecture on high school mathematics follows)

I wouldn’t go further coz it would involve some more mathematics and readers had complained about headaches in the previous post. (Alright I would have, I don’t give balls to your headache but it’s just too nerdy)

Scene 3

It’s the Whoopsidaisies! Scene (go watch the movie if you haven’t seen it yet), it’s one of them classic scenes and my comments on this one are:

“Where in Delhi is such a Garden where you could just walk with your date without looking like a Hobo couple”

PS: Dear HCE there might be some punctuation mistakes here and there, please forgive. I didn't get it edited coz you were(are) having exams.

PPS: I am headed towards the same Barista again, hopefully this time I shall be able to decide my coffee a lil faster