Thursday, December 02, 2004

there and back again

Well it's been quite a while since i last wrote ,the end sems have finally ended n i go back to home tomorrow n see wat life is outside the campus without nr luggage on my head i plan to attend the alumni meet in my high school n meet my old friends it's a thing that i have been waiting for quite a while

as i promised to write something creaive this time around i shall try but it's only gonna be half an attempt coz i have got to rush this very moment cos sumantha is breathing down my neck so that we drag on to CL here goes nothin

the days have gone by like a wind .life's been like book of colors whose pages haver been blowing n showing a new color everyday . time has gone by .people around me have changed they came n went away more will come n go away that is the eternal story of life someday i too like a candle will melt n leave for the heavenly abode but ther is one thing that i want should stay long after i am gone that is my name ppl should remember it i don't wanna be an ordinay guy who once was n now is no more .i want my name to be undying n my whole life is commited to work in that very direction.
while on this journey i want to meet the best of the ppl that this world has to offer n be the best i can be at wat ever i do i am not bothered bout the trivialities of life i have a bigger picture in mind i am not gonna get bogged down by the the watever that doesnot go well in life i am gonna hit back like a phoenix that rises from the fire ,like a wave that return to hit back the dike with even more ferocity

well ther was that ha men that was intense

c ya ppl