Monday, August 01, 2005

Pakistan last hope:India part 1

As it has already been told in the previous post that Pakistan is a nation without a goal n it's ppl don't know wad they want theie nation to be as it charts thru the new century and i mean phrases like glory to my country and Jihad don't count when u get down to the serious topic of nation building.

so as I have already told that the last hope of pakisan are it's ppl in Karachi coz they as for now seem to be the most able to lead their country the problem bout Pakistan that it was born out of it's founding fathers hatred of the secular leadership of India and his hunger for a more dominant role in the politics of the country it was this individual's lust for power that blinded him at that time*(more on this ahead) and led to the creation of this country since then the Pakistani leadership has had a jaundiced eye towards India ,unable to think wad they want to do with the chunk of land that they have got they resorted to the only thing that they are best at India bashing.

now we shall have a look at the attitude of Pakistani ppl in general well first up are the ppl from a place called baluchistan(it's a state there) who are sitting on most of pakistan's gas reserves these ppl have no love feelings for the government at Islamabad and well for what I have heard no problems with India as well ,these ppl are tribal n live the lives of nomads so no hopes here for a better Pakistan from these ppl

next up we look at the sind now these ppl are mostly into trading and agriculture and well seem to reflect the most liberal ppl u will find in that country(Karachi is in this state)

next comes the agricultural basket of Punjab these ppl hosted the joint Punjab games just recently .ppl here are mostly farmers but there's a problem here too the system of farming here is feudal and the real ppl who till the land aren't in a very good condition (NAWAJ SHARIF ,the x prime minister of Pakistan belongs to this state and as a feudal lord himself)
and as is everywhere rich ppl manipulate the system to there advantage so no help coming from here though they may be important for bettering relations with India in economic sense .But here again since when did Pakistan had a sound economic policy.

next in list are the northwestern frontier the hotbed of terrorism and the hiding place of osama bin laden I don't think there's ne need to say more

two other states remain the northeren areas+ azad kashmir or POK as we call thenm here well we pretty much know bout this place the training ground of terrorists from all over the world since afghan ones closed shutters


Nuriko said...

Dude, we're not perfect. Frankly speaking, I think we're really progressing thanks to Musharraf. Our country only went downhill when Zia-ul-Haq came to power. We're only 58 years old, but we'll become stable some day. Hmm, and I'd like to hear more on your views of Mr. Jinnah. He's our national hero, but it seems India has a far more different impression of him.

crackfire said...

mr jinnah is a proxy national hero in pakistan as well there's more to come bout him in part 2 so stay tuned for that .
i think i will also add in something bout the ever dancing musharraf as well