Friday, July 22, 2005

pakistan ,orkut and me

well first of all let me clarify a few things from the onset
1. i am not a pakistani
2. i am not a pakistan loving peace dove
3. the views expressed here are in no way meant to degrade ppl of the afore said country
4. it's just my conclusion bout things from spending time on orkut(reality may be different)

so here goes i have spent tones of time on orkut in the pst few months n since i am guy i love surfing and finding profiles of interesting females (i think that's but natural if u think otherwise u have the comment space to express ur views). that's when i thought of an experiment bout finding wat pakistan is loike thru the eyes of orkut .i came up with a few definitive conclusions most of the paki ppl on orkut are from karachi it looks like that the internet usage there is even more than in many indian cities and many of these are high school teens that leads to a very interesting conclusion that as we all know that teens are very rebellious n all so it would seem that these teens cant express there feelings or can't talkl the way they want to in open streets again i may be completely Wrong here but it seems the teens here talk mostly on the net .

another interesting fact that came up was the kind lifestyle that ppl in karachi in particular follow i think that they are a bit high on jap anims , nbc sitcoms ,hollywood and bollywood movies . wat that means is that pakistan doesn't really have an entertainment industry of it's own that could cater to it's young population .

one of the most astonishing thing that came on my radar was that most of the pakistani young are going to uk or australia or us for there higher education which again is a throwback from the colonial times that the children of the high and mighty used to go to oxford or cambridge to study. wat these means that pakistani after 58 years of it's existence has not been able to come up with a good higher education system that will help it retain it's best brains .

one of the positive things that i noticed was that the young population in pakistan (atleast the ones on orkut) are pretty liberal and have the grey matter in their heads to avoid the path of terrorism that seems to be the only export item of this country registering positive growth rate

one of the most important thing that i noticed was on the whole that pakistan has a far larger number of good looking women girls watever suits u than india