Thursday, September 30, 2004

my college??????

here we go again

today was the convocation day in my college n guess what we second years weren't even invited now come on we live in a residential college n fucking authorities don't as much as invite students to the college convocation.

now i don't wanna sound like i am the eternal complainer but this as much as i take without saying nething

neways rather than debating how screwed up authorities are in my college we'll look at the positive points , they are only a few but that's the only hope i have got to survive this goes

1. the weather here is great
2. u get the best placement in whole godamn country
3. u are respected like gods outside it's realm
4. some prophs here are really good(they are a rare comodity)
5. u do get to make the best freinds ever ( if u are lucky)

well that's all i can think of now may be i'll make a list of things that i hate bout the place n that one is going to be big

c ya ppl
crackfire over n out

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

bite this:)

it's been an uneventful day i don't know the lab experiment went pretty good n i gave those RS''s a piece of my mind basically the thing is that they n the prophs themselves barring the exception of one mr VK know nothing bout the experiments after all we are the one who qualified JEE n not they that's all i keep saying to myself.

n bout the project it's nowhere near starting though me n sriram may start studying for it today
well all that said i also have a technical report to write .

after that quick fire of things that i need to do

i don't know i have not been to my home for a month now n life's begining to suck at this place

neways i would really benn cool if i had some motivation for doing something exciting it's really bore being here n living everyday the same way that's why i decided to bunk the maths class n write my blog.

these days i have been getting the feeling the one mr H who is in my year well is behaving like an ss to be frank
he has malice in his heart n tries to bully everyone around n manipulate members of our gangs though others have not noticed it but i have n have taken measures so that he changes his ways ne ways i have decided not to aid him in any work at all coz before this he was like a parasite allways copying work from me n the guys n thzt too without as much of a thanx

i hope ai can teach him a good lesson

well thats bout that
now i must blaze n geton with things

Monday, September 27, 2004

tidlings of things to be !!!!

alas i write again!!!!!!!

well nothing much has happened since i last wote but something tells me that things are in for a big change, a tide that will come and shape the things as they would be in the future .

sriram as always has been by my side but his slugishness is delaying things but i still have hopes that we may set out to start the project within a few days atleast the topic has been decided and even that took like forever we are unaided in this dawnting task but we have hope still that we can do it on our own coz the building of knowledge lies in front of

till the next post !!!

Friday, September 24, 2004

the first post

well this is where the blog of crackfire2003 starts:

time has come for the events to start unfolding at they had been designed for from the days of elders .

don't bite much into wat i just wrote above there it's just that i have been reading lord of the rings and had a querr want of writing something like tolkien

i am just another brick in the wall that this world is but surely i will wanna be the brick that shines like none other has

and before leaving one thing more avril rocks............