Thursday, May 22, 2008

So True !

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cellphone Etiquettes for Dummies

We’ve all heard about them from the time we were very young- manners, manners, manners. Mothers all over the globe do what they can to instill some kind of proper etiquette in their children and many succeed. However when many people use a cellphone, etiquette seems to disappear. So here's a quick fire list which will transform your image from an ape using a Motorola Dynatac to a suave sophisticated person with a fancy i phone

1. Answer the phone: May seem basic but hardly followed, these days people just refuse to pickup their phones. Given that you may be a lil busy at times and not able to attend calls so you must call back in these cases.

2. Let the other person speak: Again pretty straight forward, but some people seem to be infected with verbal diarrhea and just cant stop yapping. This particular habit makes me want to simply hang up on them*.

3. Don't hang up abruptly: Always be polite when you hang up, enough said.

4. Don't give miss calls to people and want them to call you: That's just cheap.(This also includes SMSing people for calling you)

5. Call other people: We know that you are broke 28 days out of 30 but still everyone appreciates if the other person also bothers to call sometimes.

6. Call people when you have already given them a time for calling: This variety is the most obnoxious according to me, either you call when you say you are going to or don't bother saying that you will call. I have hundred other things to worry about then your call.

So folks that's it according to me, you guys are most welcome to add to the list. Many people have had the experience of being nexted coz they didn't follow these etiquettes, for others I have made peace with the fact that they have a pint sized brain and would never be able to comprehend the above rules, it's enough that they have a cellphone, using it properly.... may be in the next lifetime :P.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I never did say "Hi"

Over the course of your lifetime you meet a whole lotta people, some of them stick with you through thick and thin and while with others you just walk a few blocks on the street called Life and then they take a different turn and you never get to see them again, there is another category of people who you have never quite walked with but they keep bumping into you on every other turn and you just wonder why haven't you said a "Hi" to this person all this while.

Once upon a time there was a girl I knew, who shared my school bus stop with me. Brown hair, brown eyes. I never quite said "Hi" to her, I wish I had but we never got to that level where I could just pop around on the bus stop and say "Hi".(Yea I know I was pretty bad). Anyho time rolled along and I decided that I had a crush on her and this made the aforementioned "Hi" even more difficult to say( I know I was one of those tragedy kings meets Dram Queen kinda person, still am a lil bit).

She was my " keeping bumping into at most inane of places". I would see her in a restaurant half way across the city. I mean what are the odds of someone choosing the same restaurant out hundreds of restaurants on the same day that you decided to go there. Then I met her at a party which I decided to attend at the last minute and viola there she is enjoying the '"Golgappas" that you too like, keep in mind I was just tagging along with someone who had been invited to this party and didn't want to show up all alone.

Change is never easy. You fight to hold on. You fight to let go. I moved away to college and never did see her again for a few years. I have since then moved back to the city and a few days back I saw her at the same Bus Stop that we once shared, life had come full circle and I realized I still haven't said "Hi" to her, this was a different time but the same me so I just moved on , may be next time we bump into each other I would give her the link to this place.

PS: If you have been reading the blog regularly I might have referred to her as Bus Stop Girl or the elusive one before.