Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There is something about Summer !

There is something about Summer Roberts unlike Marry she is my persona of an ideal girlfriend. It all began circa 2006, when I was non- dating A [1]. I and friends had just gotten over the anime craze that had gripped the campus in late 2005 and early 2006 and were hitherto exploring the uncharted territory of drama series and sitcoms (We would exclude FRIENDS from this genre as every Ankit, Gaurav and Nitin has watched it). The first series that we got our hands on was “The OC”. Season one starred the goofy, sarcastic and oh so familiar antics of Seth Cohen [2]. As most of the gang had had unsuccessful junior School crushes we immediately identified with Seth’s situation with Summer, what we had not expected was how her character will shape up during the course of the series and how my perception of her will change from “that girl” in junior high that I never talked to the one where she is now my ideal girlfriend.

Summer is portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled somewhat snobby rich girl with her trademark “ewww” setting the ball rolling, but as the series progressed her character grew and by the end of season three she became the ideal girlfriend. Now since I am typing this out in Word, I would take benefit of the "bullet point technology" and type out some of the reasons why Summer Roberts is the one:

- When does a guy like a girl, well when she is willing to chase him and yet you have to chase her for you two to be together, I know this doesn’t make sense but Summer pulls this one with remarkable ease in season one when she affected by Seth’s hanging out with Ann and her having a fling with Danny

- When a girl is intelligent yet not always reciting quotes from Shakespeare or going on on about a bard from Elizabeth’s court who wrote a three hundred page poem for her majesty but was still sent to the gallows. Summer is just that with a 1600 in SATs and a drawer full of latest Vogues. Her dressing sense is an added plus; I mean if you know me you would know I am a sucker for preppy.

- When a girl is there and I mean really there for friends both hers and yours. Summer’s equation with Merissa and her Ryan exemplifies this.

- The girl who’s got the spunk and the substance, I mean who doesn’t love a girlfriend who does environmental work and takes care of random bunnies and yet is blonde enough to not know the sex of her pet.

The bullet lists do not matter for me either you are Summer or you might as well be a Martian sandstorm for all I care.

At the end I would like to request the reader who fancies herself as Summer to kindly get in touch with my good friend “Summer Hunter” [3], she will be the final judge of whether you are the real thing or not.

[1] The probable reason while Summer is ideal because she was all A could never be

[2] We all fancied ourselves as Seth, but you know who the real Seth is right, the one who sends out this gibberish into Blogosphere

[3] Yes that’s how we roll Summer Hunter and Seth Cohen :)