Tuesday, November 29, 2005


It was the autumn of 2002 when I came across avril lavigne's debut album .It all started when I first heard the song " I am with u " from her first album " let go " on mtv and from then on there's hasn't been any looking back for her .
Since 2002 she has gone on to release another album named " under my skin " and has been enjoin the good things that come with being young and successful in Hollywood.
I can go on and on and rave about the poise with which she has mapped out her career and public life in the big bad world infested with paparazzi and celebrities who'll do anything just to be on the cover of a magazine or a few sound bites on TV ,but alas it's her music that has kept me glued on to her even after 3 years where most bands have a shelf life of an year or .So from the rebellious songs like " in my world " and " nobody's fool " , the powerful rock ballad of " I am with u " and the all spunky " complicated " from the first album to the soulful " daydream " her songs have a resonance with ur life and u can't help but feel nostalgic . For those who haven't heard her yet than stop reading this god damn blogger post and do something about it , download , or buy a CD or whatever .
this was the first part of the young, ubercool and the hippest people that I admire (all of them being females ahm ahm!!If you didn't get the idea from the headline)


Amiya said...

Ahh first comment!

I like Avril Lavigne, she doesn't come across as affected & pretentious like so many artistes do, at some point or other of their career.

AND does this first-comment honour give me the insider's privilege of knowing who the next 'heartbreaker' is gonna be? :)

crackfire said...

well well well i wouldn't like my heart breaker 2 to be rip(resting in peace)
her identity is supposed to be a secret till it's announced here lest u in one of those female jealousy frenzies do her in

Akhil Gupta said...

yeah dude!
Avril is one of those very few female artists who have made an impression on me...but, then one may argue that most of the so-called female artists are not really artists...

My female artist list includes:
- Grace Slick(Jefferson Airplane)
- Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries)
- Joan Baez
and Avril is the only contemperory artist in the list...

crackfire said...

u should listen to alanis morissete
her album jagged lil pill is one the top rock albums of all time