Friday, October 15, 2004

aha 2 posts in day

it's relly feels great today as a certain some one has replied well all said n done i wanted this chapter of my life over n done with coz it had plauged my mind for some time now as it was like a story unfinished n it's ended now or atleast a new chapter has begun . well i have been thinking wat would have happened if things didn't go the way they did well i had say all's well that ends well.i haven't got ne hard feelings 4 neone n i hope no one has ne for me as they say

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future

By the way right after the hols we have the second sessionals coming up n oh the course in electronics a bitch but i have taimed lions before so this bitch gonna have a day on 25 oct .



as they say in india most stories love stories start at bus stops so did this but it wasn't quite like the bus stop that ppl are so used too this one was different coz it was my school bus stop n the girl in question n me shared the same one but she was from a different school that as much info as m gonna give .

well as usual the boy in question that is me didn't even go upto her n talk coz he was so so so shy n he hates himself for that but like the other two she too came n went by.
that's all the crushes that i have had in my life (barring a lil one on avril lavigne)
from next post the ramblings continue


Anonymous said...

The anonymous comments

TS got over only 5 mins back and i know deva is sitting to write his blog.My comment will probably appear sometime before his next blog ..

So here goes...
I know that he wants to cry his feelings to the bloggg...

1. I am bad at "copying".. i really am.. he knows,i know
2. I usually dont copy.. esp 10 mark long answers
becos i have the fear of always being watched!!!!!!!

So cya blog..
After wat happened to old ramu i decided to stay anonymous