Saturday, October 30, 2004

Here i am

It's been quite eventual here last few days have been movie marathons with all the guys watching non stop movies as soon as they get back from the class i am trying to study a lil but the mood around u gets to u and u end up watching a movie ur self

last night we watched underworld it was really good movie since i tend to like fictional movies alot
Me and my friends finished making the presentation for our technical report

the times have changed but wat has not changed is the fact that i still don't have any girl to go out with
may be someday my turn will come as well

any of u viewing this blog feel free to give me 101 ways to get a girl

except that life's been really good to me n i have nothin to complain bout it

here's the best site for looking up avril lavigne


Anonymous said...

101 ways on how not 2 get a gal

---> Do not be Devashish!
----> Do not be Sriram!

Oh ya ohter rules like ahem dont matter.

People come and people go, lust lasts forever!

Anonymous said...

hi mister, i dont know where r u from but from ur way of writing
i feel u r from delhi. i never saw a delhi guy who is so frustrated. come on yaar, u should really be a sucking guy for not getting a girlfriend. stop brooding over ur misfortune and change ur attitude to get a girlfriend. then u wont need 101 advices. otherwise getting a girlfriend will be a distant dream to u.