Thursday, September 30, 2004

my college??????

here we go again

today was the convocation day in my college n guess what we second years weren't even invited now come on we live in a residential college n fucking authorities don't as much as invite students to the college convocation.

now i don't wanna sound like i am the eternal complainer but this as much as i take without saying nething

neways rather than debating how screwed up authorities are in my college we'll look at the positive points , they are only a few but that's the only hope i have got to survive this goes

1. the weather here is great
2. u get the best placement in whole godamn country
3. u are respected like gods outside it's realm
4. some prophs here are really good(they are a rare comodity)
5. u do get to make the best freinds ever ( if u are lucky)

well that's all i can think of now may be i'll make a list of things that i hate bout the place n that one is going to be big

c ya ppl
crackfire over n out