Tuesday, September 28, 2004

bite this:)

it's been an uneventful day i don't know the lab experiment went pretty good n i gave those RS''s a piece of my mind basically the thing is that they n the prophs themselves barring the exception of one mr VK know nothing bout the experiments after all we are the one who qualified JEE n not they that's all i keep saying to myself.

n bout the project it's nowhere near starting though me n sriram may start studying for it today
well all that said i also have a technical report to write .

after that quick fire of things that i need to do

i don't know i have not been to my home for a month now n life's begining to suck at this place

neways i would really benn cool if i had some motivation for doing something exciting it's really bore being here n living everyday the same way that's why i decided to bunk the maths class n write my blog.

these days i have been getting the feeling the one mr H who is in my year well is behaving like an ss to be frank
he has malice in his heart n tries to bully everyone around n manipulate members of our gangs though others have not noticed it but i have n have taken measures so that he changes his ways ne ways i have decided not to aid him in any work at all coz before this he was like a parasite allways copying work from me n the guys n thzt too without as much of a thanx

i hope ai can teach him a good lesson

well thats bout that
now i must blaze n geton with things