Saturday, August 29, 2009

D-Files Part 1

He wore a dark grey tweed jacket. The one that had been passes on to him by his father. The tweed had an interesting history, it had been made in Taiwan, shipped to South Korea and had been gifted to his father almost 20 years ago. Fashion has a weird sense on repeating itself after every 20 years and the old tweed had made a comeback.

She was in a yellow embroidered sari. The origin of the sari was unknown to him (though he had seen similar saris at his father's establishment). She looked resplendent and brought lightness to the brooding mood that lingered around him.

He arrived a little late at the movie premier and sauntered into the atrium where she was waiting for him.

He had one look at the sari and the sarcastic, wise cracking gears that whirl into action as soon as he sees a pretty young thing started well, whirling

"So are we singing the yellow brick road today" (Yea I know I surprise myself sometimes). She stared at him in frustration for a moment. Then she tilted back her head to laugh. She had a good laugh, too, throaty and rich. He
did look down at her chest when she did that, just for a second. A pure heart and mind only takes you so far-sooner or later the hormones have their say, too. He was not a teenager or anything, anymore, but he's not exactly an expert in things like this, either. Call it an overwhelming interest in his professional career, but he had never had much time for dating or the fair sex in general. And when he had, it hadn't turned out too well.

They both walked into the theater where her movie was showing, given she had a very small role in it. This was her first movie and he felt obligated to watch it, he wasn't into movies much. The movie turned out to be one of the best he had seen. It had been a long time since someone had laid her head on his shoulder and the VIP seats helped too.

To Be Continued