Friday, May 16, 2008

Cellphone Etiquettes for Dummies

We’ve all heard about them from the time we were very young- manners, manners, manners. Mothers all over the globe do what they can to instill some kind of proper etiquette in their children and many succeed. However when many people use a cellphone, etiquette seems to disappear. So here's a quick fire list which will transform your image from an ape using a Motorola Dynatac to a suave sophisticated person with a fancy i phone

1. Answer the phone: May seem basic but hardly followed, these days people just refuse to pickup their phones. Given that you may be a lil busy at times and not able to attend calls so you must call back in these cases.

2. Let the other person speak: Again pretty straight forward, but some people seem to be infected with verbal diarrhea and just cant stop yapping. This particular habit makes me want to simply hang up on them*.

3. Don't hang up abruptly: Always be polite when you hang up, enough said.

4. Don't give miss calls to people and want them to call you: That's just cheap.(This also includes SMSing people for calling you)

5. Call other people: We know that you are broke 28 days out of 30 but still everyone appreciates if the other person also bothers to call sometimes.

6. Call people when you have already given them a time for calling: This variety is the most obnoxious according to me, either you call when you say you are going to or don't bother saying that you will call. I have hundred other things to worry about then your call.

So folks that's it according to me, you guys are most welcome to add to the list. Many people have had the experience of being nexted coz they didn't follow these etiquettes, for others I have made peace with the fact that they have a pint sized brain and would never be able to comprehend the above rules, it's enough that they have a cellphone, using it properly.... may be in the next lifetime :P.


Amiya said...

From whatever I've seen, it's usually only certain people who keep complaining about how nobody calls them back or calls them at all, while others never do. So maybe the ones cribbing should put them pint sized slash nearly non-existent brains to rare use by trying to figure out why exactly boohooo nobody wants to talk to them. :P

crackfire said...

Hmmm you have a point there but I doubt that you can generalize these "certain people" so easily. There may be a lot many reasons of them cribbing, I am not even sure if cribbing is the right word but I'll roll with it for now.

Putting there non existent brains to use would require a lot of capex and with no assurance of returns, it is a risky option :).

deepakgauri said...

High time someone hammered this list of do's n dont's into the 'pint-sized' brains..
and I certainly don't agree with amiya.. its happened with me and some friends of mine more frequently than they would've liked
good post! bravo