Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NOTHING 9 : Randomness

Well if you are expecting a cleverly crafted tale of humor with embellishments of Sarcasm and the wierdosity that is me, then my friend you have come to the wrong place 'coz we never serve that connotation at this place.

Getting Married: (to her Fiance) Go home, take two slices on bread, make omelet , eat it and then go to sleep , get up tomorrow at 6:00 AM, take a morning walk......(you get the idea right !)

Me: Why don't you open up your laptop and make him a Daily Plan using Microsoft Project, you can use the Gannt Chart view which would be so much more easier for him.

Getting Married: The Pandit Ji is giving me headaches with his ever expanding and completely abstruse list of Puja Samagri.

Me: Why don't you make an excel sheet and email it over to your Pandit Ji and ask him to edit it in Track Change mode it will make life a lot easier for you and for him.

Moving on to uncharted territories we shall hypothesize on the subject of being "Nice" (and no I am not going to give out lectures on How to avoid the nice guy routine here!).

We will discuss how you can turn the tables with your "Nice" rebuttal. For e.g.

1. Hey that's a nice dress you got there (Should never ever be confused with cute/sexy dress). What this actually means is that I for once would be a Chauvinist and not comment on the eye jarring color that you are wearing.

2. Oh thats so nice of you! What this one means is whatever you did it doesn't matter much but You did something that lies somewhere between me sending you a Thankyou note or ignoring you

3. Nice !This I use when I am at loss of words to explain the phenomenon in question

So what I want to say is that the "Nice" rebuttal comes in all shapes and sizes and these are my two cents to the "Nice" scheme that many of us run. Please feel free to add to the list.

Thus endeth the Lesson


Steph said...

My mummy always told me, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all" a consequence, I rarely speak.