Sunday, June 26, 2005

the dark knight

hey how bout we do a thing the we always do that is talk bout myself(my blog bout my self)

well i look at life in a mirror i is see a man who in the days gone by was happy n his life was simple n ppl liked him alot for wat he was n wat he stood for
but as the times rolled by things around him changed n so did the ppl but i remained the same self that i was but one fine daY things decided to take the nastiest turn ever n i changed from wat i was to be to wat i am now these days i am wat they call a loner i live my life my way with only the very innermost posse standing guard

n wat does the mirror hold for the future well haven't decided yet but i think that i would want to be a man who turns all this negative energy that is inside n around him to do something that's positive though i think i can call myself a misanthrope but all i want to do is to help ppl n thereby helping myself.

i guess that there are many ways to escape from the feelings that are welling up inside u to take retribution at those that have caused u great harm my way is to involve ur self so deeply in work that u forget all bout the outside world well it had worked very well for the past 5 years but i think i am loosing it again it's time to find something new to do to set a goal that is unachievable n to escape from this world to a place that u created where u are the master of u .But then again i think that times will change n that i'll be my sunny self again


Sujata said...

Ya, sometimes we do pay a price for being ourselves. But then who cares, its we our ownself who have a purpose to fulfill and we strive towards it. Also, to avoid such constant retribution we have our own ways to shun it. :)

crackfire said...

don't u think it is kinda very similar to batman

Jade Phoenix said...

Good one, though if you write it properly, i.e., in proper English rather than using this net language, it'll make a better reading and the feelings will be conveyed quite correctly.
Okay, I'd get a deja vu feeling as I read it along. Especially the 'I'll always help others' part. Lol, reminded me of my poem. All in all, maybe I didn't get it correctly, but the way you have written it, it does not go with the big lecture you had given me ( if you remember, cuz I definitely do ). You said that one should be really optimist and fight and etc etc... but that isn't really what has been written down here, is it? It rather deals with what you felt through that period and that, I guess is pretty much the same for everyone. Anyways, kudos to you for keeping up such a super duper happy face.
As for its resemblance to Batman, well, yeah, it is a bit similar, to his past that is. But still, NO! I am not comparing you to Batman! Lol, but if you see clearly, that is somewhat similar to the pasts of almost all the superheros, isn't it? ( Except Superman, of course. But then, which moron calls him a superhero? )
Fine, I just swayed away from the point. Right so, enough reviewing, the blog's nice but well, not so much enlightening for me this time :P.
PS : Haha, this thing crept up here too. So, review my poem now? Get it? Or well, a 'Pleeease' would work better? It usually does.
Chalo, very long now, mesa goes...