Friday, July 31, 2009

Love or something like it!

Some things are never meant to be together. Things like oil and water, orange juice and tooth paste.

Me and Ann

There are a thousand names for it affection, devotion, fondness, infatuation. It's an incredibly complex system of interweaving thoughts and feelings that influences us and the ones around us and it all boils down to one fairly simple fact: Shit Happens!

Apparently a good romantic Bollywood flick engenders a sense of longing that I cooperate with my heart and start thinking on the lines of What If.

We were together for what one would call a blip in my dating life, we may even have forgotten what we said, what we did but sometimes in the night after the afore said movie I remember how she made me feel. How a simple text like 'ahem' would wake me up from my slumber, even today after all this time I don't think I have received a better text.

I have a habit of chewing on things after they are at least an year or two old. You see back when I was a kid I had an operation done which blocks out all the unpleasant things for a period of at least 2 years.

2 years ago.

I had built up all my defenses, a whole suit of armour if you will, so nothing could hurt me, then one stupid girl, no different from any other stupid girl, wandered into a metro station and therefore into my stupid life... I gave her a piece of me. She didn't ask for it. Then one day she did something as dumb as agreeing to go out on a date with me, she did this dumb thing a couple of more times and my life wasn't my own anymore.

As some of you may know I am not much of a talker usually I get by, by nodding my head at an interval of 1. 35 mins and saying I understand exactly 20 seconds after the nod. She on the other hand loved to talk and talk she did. I knew about the life of people I had never met, would never meet and probably never had the intention of meeting. And the truth is she totally pulled it off, the talking bit I mean.

And then I ended it all for good enough sane reasons which still are good enough. As I said some things are never meant to be together. Things like oil and water, orange juice and tooth paste.

Me and Ann

But tomorrow is another day!

PS: Let me know if the title is corny or not

PPS: The above post is a work of fiction which may be derived from some real life events.


PT said...

... there are a couple of more things that shudn't be together; viz. Pizza and Papa John's, U and PwC, I and God .... err.. w8 a sec, scratch off that last one ..... !!!

PS - .. tomorrow is, and shall always be another day ... ;)

Thelaughingbuddha said...

This post would come under 'gay' in your visual thesaurus.