Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well it's that time of the year again where we all make the journey to la la land and Imayor of la la land take you for a detour, of well my world .Here you shall find of all things a great ape imprisoned by me obviously away from your world (so that you all live happily ever after).The ape I am talking about ,well he's not an ape actually ,it's just that it's molecular configuration is so beyond me that I just decided that it should be an ape and it should have the name sriram (note the use of 'it' well I couldn't decide on the sex coz 'it' sometimes talks of women and most of the time is drooling over men)

and we begin once again from the beginning

me - Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating
me again -Are you NUTS?!
sriram -It's been suggested

sriram -You're dreaming about a girl you've never met?
me -Come on, sri, haven't you ever dreamed?
sriram -Hey I'm not the dreamer! I'm the dreamee!
me -You're in La-La land, sri
sriram - Let me tell ya, it's a lot of fun in La-La land!

me -Hey, sri, how's it hanging?
sriram -[groans] Short, shriveled, and always to the left.


Amiya said...

Ah it's back :D

Amiya said...

Hey but where's NOTHING Part-3?
You skipped straight to the fourth issue after the second?

crackfire said...

nothing part 3 will be a comic strip that i need to work on so that will take some time

Akhil Gupta said...

a general template:

g-s: [exclamation] [adjective(s)] [its there / its not there] [:(*)]
c-f: [oh this / oh that] [will come soon] [u r awesome]

and me: another attempt at stereotyping to eradicate stereotyping from the face of this planed :D

The Other side of the coin said...

So the laughing guy must be this sriram dude rite?

crackfire said...

yea the laughed at guy is sriram

Amiya said...

Ah okay.

LOL@A-Kill's 'general template' :D

@archie@ said...

n tis fun!!!seems i need to read ur earlier nuttins as well !!!