Tuesday, January 03, 2006


there is me and there are ppl and there are still more ppl that actually come here to read this blog(they are the best, mind you!!).
as a cool afroamerican once said(in a movie not more then 5 months old ha !!)
Life is not about taking breaths it's about moments that take your breath away
(wat lame cheesy u say,like I give a damn)
Anyways moving on I do think that the man hits the bull's eye when he says that coz if we all look back we see that we remember the moments some momentous ,some out and out abashing and still some more that are best forgotten so in a way our lives are like an unfinished painting of moments .And the painting always shows the moments we want to remember and the moments that we hate are relegated to the back side .

I know I know enough of philosophy there it's time to get down to the reason y this post was written and the reason is ,Damn I remembered when I started to write this down ,neways we'll worry about the reason some other time write now I am in a mood of some sriram bashing (actually I am thinking of making up something like a comic where me sriram and friends talk about nothing (that's read for u guys :-) )
alright so here goes

sriram - Dude y did u include me in this project of urs
me- Project wat project I though I wanted u in my comic (lame ass is high on all technical terms)

sriram(on orkut ) - I am a hedonist
me- Boy, you can really talk some trash.
me- I guess that's better than eating it.

sriram- (the result that shocked him) - If u don't know something, does it actually exist?
me -yea that's true u don't know nothing,and I just started it(nothing's the name of the comic that u are reading)

sriram -You're wasting your life.
me- I am not. What you call wasting, I call living. I'm living my life
sriram- OK, like what? No, tell me. Do you have a job?
me- No.
sriram -You got money?
me- No.
sriram- Do you have a woman?
me- No.
sriram- Do you have any prospects?
me- No.
sriram-You got anything on the horizon?
me - Uh, no
sriram- Do you have any action at all?
me- No.
sriram- Do you have any conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning?
me- I like to get the Daily N

that's all for this edition of NOTHING
until next time relish in the nothingness
and wait for the next issue of NOTHING


Amiya said...

You shd really come out with a weekly Nothing or something, now anything like that would be something GOOD :D

Thelaughingbuddha said...
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crackfire said...

stuff happens dude!!!
and plz don't go spreading around false rumours bout my preferences
u'll break hearts of many a females out there
and this the last warning for using bawdy language on my blog
i take these things seriously and brook no excuses for licentious behaviour
there are better ways for u to express ur angst
i hope i got the point across

~Lord Anshul said... reminds me of garfield :P

bizzy without buisness :D

Anonymous said...

no comments!!

Anonymous said...

no comments

Amiya said...

Hey I came here to read the comment Sriram had supposedly left for me, but I got NOTHING.
Where's that comment??